About Athena

Our Mission

Athena's mission is to support our partners - card manufacturers, national printers and system integrators with state-of-the art smart card solutions. While some card manufacturers developed in-house chip solutions mainly for payment applications, when it comes to National ID, Digital Signature, eGov, ePassports, Transportation, NFC and advanced contact and contactless payment solutions, development, certification and support is becoming complex, requiring a large dedicated staff with excellent knowledge of cryptography, embedded software, regulations, certification, and standardization. Athena is your smart card technology partner.

Our Business Model

Athena has developed a unique business model that allows our partners to source the most advanced smart card technology directly from Athena or through our licensed silicon partners.

Working with leading silicon vendors, Athena provides highly secure, flexible, and cost effective solutions for ICAO based ePassports, FIPS-201/PIV based documents, IAS-ECC and National ID schemes, Digital Signature, PKI, eGov, Transportation, advanced payment solutions including ATM cards, ePurse and loyalty, embedded security for M2M and NFC and contactless transactions.

With offices in Asia, Europe and the Americas and through partnerships with industry leading firms in the world’s fastest growing markets including Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, and Africa, Athena is able to provide timely and professional hand’s on support, facilitating the transition to chip technology and allowing our growing list of partners to stay competitive and at the edge of chip technology.

Our People

In order to be able to provide state-of-the art solutions, Athena employs some of the industry most experienced engineers, amongst them, co-inventors of the Multos smart card operating system, Java Card pioneers, leading experts on cryptography, Common Criteria and FIPS certification, middleware software and smart card reader technology. Our dedicated teams produce some of the most innovative, performance leading, and secure products available today.

Our Achievements

Our business model is proving to be a great success for our partners worldwide.

In Italy, cards based on our dual interface technology with Athena's ASEPCOS Common Criteria EAL 4+ certified smart card OS and IDProtect Client cryptographic middleware, are issued by the local governments to all the citizens of the Lombardia and Toscana regions for use as eHealth, eGov, and Digital Signature cards.

Citizens of Argentina’s San Luis province have been issued with state-of-the art eID cards and Driver licenses based on Athena’s IDProtect/OS755 Java Card smart card technology.

Costa Rica built its unique Digital Signature program based on Athena's smart card technology.

Central and commercial banks worldwide are using our secure Java Card based ID solutions to protect their business and customers, including some of the largest multi-site biometric match-on-card implementations to date.

Citizens in several countries are using Athena's Java Card based solutions to file their income tax and VAT returns, securely.

In Japan, consumers are paying for services using Athena smart card technology.

Some of the world’s leading luxury goods manufacturers protect the authenticity of their products using Athena smart card OS, middleware and reader technology.