Driver Licence 

Providing the technology for the next generation of contact, dual interface and contactless electronic driving licenses, Athena IDProtect DL offers unparalleled security and forgery protection.

Improving Driving License Integrity

Athena IDProtect DL provides issuance agencies with solutions to combat fraud and security concerns. Driver details can be stored securely, including biometrics, within a dedicated high security silicon platform. With mobile reading equipment enforcement agents can verify holder identities at the road side.

Built to Industry Standards

Athena's Driving License application is built to ISO 18013, providing issuers with the confidence that the card can deployed widely and used with all compatible reading equipment.

Deployment Flexibility

Athena IDProtect DL is available in contact, dual interface and contactless only form factors enabling issuers to deploy cards in a manner which suits their requirements.

Beyond Driving Licenses

IDProtect DL is delivered on Athena's Java Card platform enabling issuers to further extended the functional of the card pre or post issuance. Athena ePassport, IAS or biometric match options can be added if required. This allows cards to be used internationally as travel documents or as part of wider Government eService or entitlement provision.

IDProtect DL


Contact, contactless and dual interface Java Card platforms with ISO18013 application for Driving License projects.


  • ICAO18013 application
  • Up to 80k EEPROM
  • Up to CommonCriteria EAL 6+ certified silicon
  • Java Card 2.2.2
  • GlobalPlatform 2.1.1
  • DES and 3DES
  • RSA
  • On-card key generation
  • DH (ECDH and DH)
  • AES
  • SHA-1, -224 (EC_FP), -256, 384 and 512
  • ICAO, IAS ECC and other identity applications available (Optional)
  • Biometric Match-On-Card Application (Optional)