Building on Athena’s Identity heritage our ATM solutions offer issuers the same secure platforms, built to industry security standards, with an on–card ATM application of your choice.

Athena ATM solutions offer the highest levels of EMV and payment technology security and are hosted on secure silicon platforms certified to EMVCo, CommonCriteria and FIPS standards.

Regional ATM Solutions

Athena ATM solutions are built using open smart card industry standards, ISO7816, GlobalPlatform and Java Card, allowing issuers to source their own applications or load an Athena ATM application. Alternatively, experienced Athena smart card engineers can develop your ATM application and deliver an optimised, bespoke and secure solution meeting your performance, certification, form factor and security requirements.

Regional Certification

Athena are happy to work with local partners to certify PayProtect products for use in specific territories or regions. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have certification questions. 

Multi-application solution

Need ATM functionality but would also like our applications, such as PKI? Athena ATM solutions are built on our GlobalPlatform /Java Card architecture. This allows multiple applications to be loaded on the same device. Applications can be added pre or post issuance and advanced application management functionality, such Supplementary Security Domains and application firewall, is available as standard to maintain the security and integrity of a credential by ensuring application isolation.

Form factor options

Athena PayProtect solutions are available in contact, dual interface and contactless form factor options. 

PayProtect ATM


Contact, contactless and dual interface Java Card platform for ATM projects.


  • Up to 80k EEPROM
  • Java Card 2.2.2
  • GlobalPlatform 2.1.1 / Visa GlobalPlatform 2.1.1
  • DES and 3DES
  • RSA
  • DH (ECDH and DH)
  • AES
  • SHA-1, -224 (EC_FP), -256, 384 and 512
  • Biometric Match-On-Card Application (Optional)
  • Optional ATM applications: NSICC, GICS, Lippo, Flazz